How to Learn Spanish Online: Resources, Tips, Tricks and Techniques

How to Learn Spanish Online: Resources, Tips, Tricks and Techniques

spanish-onlineThousands of people want to learn conversational Spanish online but just don’t know how to start. In fact, this, not knowing where to start, is the biggest reason why many simply do not learn anything new and it isn’t hard to see why. Anyone can be motivated to learn a new language but if they don’t know where to start, they end up getting off to a bad start and that leaves them tired, bored and frustrated and in the end, they give up learning. That is why it’s important to know how to learn Spanish online correctly.

Are You Really Committed?

To be honest, there is no point in attempting to start learning a new language unless you are really prepared to learn. Lots of people say they want to learn but they aren’t committed to the hard part – learning – so it is very important to really think whether this is the path for you.…

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Rocket Spanish VS Rosetta Stone – How to Learn Spanish Online By Checking Reviews

online Spanish courses

There are lots of great ways to learn conversational Spanish from online courses to evening classes. However, today, the most popular method is to use the web to find online classes and courses. This is certainly a very popular method of learning and it’s a good option to consider too. Two of the biggest and most recognized platforms have to be Rosetta Stone and Rocket Spanish but which online learning platform is the best?

Rocket Spanish VS Rosetta Stone – Who Wins The Battle?

Rocket Spanish is certainly very popular and it may just win when it comes to going up against Rosetta Stone. The reason why is simply down to price. Both Rosetta Stone and Rocket Spanish offer fantastic language courses to learn Spanish in the car in Washington or even online but there is a big difference in price.…

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Bringing electricity to 600 million homes. (editorial rant)

In this editorial piece I would like to shine a light on a particular individual who has transcended his status as “just another rapper”. In these incredibly selfish times where we seem to care about what the Kardashians are wearing (or not wearing) than helping others it is nice to know that someone is doing something to help others.

Rapper Akon is currently using his celebrity status in order to help people get electricity from one of the most sun drenched continents on the planet. All I have to say is … that is a lot of 12 volt solar panels and charge controllers.

This got me to thinking …

Why is it that we cannot do something like this in the United States. This would cut down on Global Warming, save a ton of money in oil costs and give us a sustainable way to help millions of people who are other wise disenfranchised from having good electricity.…

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Product Review: Build My List by Jimmy Kim.

As many people know we here at Friends of Orphanages School help a lot with people wanting to learn different languages. Recently we have decided to also help in other ways such as: community outreach, helping build homes for remote communities and helping people succeed financially. One of many ways, but certainly not the only way, to financial freedom is to learn to make money online. There are many online Guru’s who can give you good advice about how to build your business online, one such Guru is Jimmy Kim.

I recently read an article online that purported to tell the truth about Jimmy Kim’s Build My List program. While I have not tried Jimmy Kim’s program, I can honestly say that it looks legit.…

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7 Reasons Why English Speakers Should Learn Conversational Spanish


Why learn conversational Spanish? Why is Spanish a necessary language to speak when billions of people speak English? Well, to be honest, there are billions of people who don’t speak English and in fact there is a large population of Spanish speaking people.

Thousands don’t realize this but Spanish is a universal language and one of the most spoken languages of the world today. Here are just seven reasons why English speakers should learn conversational Spanish.

Visiting Spanish Speaking Countries Can Be Easier When You Know Spanish

Communicating can be very difficult if two people don’t speak the same language and if you were to visit Spain or a Spanish speaking country, it’s on you to know the language. Spanish speaking countries don’t need to learn English not if you are the one visiting their country.…

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